Updates after Greece.

Having returned from our one-week vacation from the Island of Kos, Greece, I’m full of tales to tell…and also full of all the yummy goodness I devoured there. I’m still on holiday for another three days, and thought to use this precious time to do some serious baking, but considering the amount of food I ate in a mere week I thought better of it. It’s not that I ate too much – you wouldn’t believe how some people behave when on “all inclusive” – like every time they eat is the last occasion for doing so… It’s only that I ate dessert three times a day, and had quite a number of cocktails too. That takes its toll. Especially when you are not going to the gym… So I decided not to bake, at least until next week when my family is coming to visit. Then there will be baking, eating and all that.

So when in Greece, as any good tourist would do, I tried many local goods. For example many desserts like these here…

Greek dessert in all its glory
Greek dessert in all its glory

I didn't eat all that!
I didn’t eat all that!

In places similar to this…


And got myself some souvenirs. A salad set made of olive wood. Lovely. And of course, some Kanellada, an awesome cinnamon drink.

Still, even if I’ll not be baking for a little while, I do have some baking-related projects in mind. More on that later.
Bye! 🙂


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