Back in Business.

It’s me again! I’m not completely lost, but it did take me some time to post – I have been lacking inspiration lately…the last six months… well, anyhow, I’m here now. That is what counts.

I have been struggling with my “healthy lifestyle” a lot and for the same reason I tried not to bake too much so as to save a few calories, however, I ate lots of purchased pre-made stuff like cookies and chocolate. So bad. Actually, it’t a lot better to bake because then at least you can control what’s inside your horrific calorie-bomb. I can’t help it. I’m the type who gains surplus centimetres even if only loking at a dessert. I’m also planning to live forever, so high blood sugar surely doesn’t help.

I’ve also been spending time with family, with different projects, reading, learning languages, and on Pinterest. My new addiction. I have at least a thousand dessert recipes pinned. Pinning instead of baking. At least that’s healthier.

Now I’m about to finish my two weeks of strict low carb diet, passing on to the normal phase, so it’s time to start baking again. To be more precise, this Sunday. Diego practically pleaded with me to have a pineapple upside-down cake (his favourite), so that’s what it’s going to be.

Until then, here’ s a little summary of what we have been doing the last six months – food-wise.
I had lots of fun compiling this. 🙂 Starting from September 2014.

This was during a chocolate workshop and that’ s a giant Manneken Pis made of solid chocolate. It’s just a little weird.

My mom-in-law made this heavenly pasta with squid ink, right from Sicily. It doesn’t show but it’s scrumptious. One of the best foods I ever tried.

dec 085
Our Ferrero rocher birthday cake baked by our lovely cousins. 🙂

A mochi. This was something new for me and I fell right for it.

This is Diego’s pasta con pomodoro, with whole-meal pasta. So simple. So good. Ah.

My favourite quiche with baby tomatoes, feta, red onion and Italian ham. Discovered in 2014.

Gastronomic heaven in Warsaw: pierogi, kielbasa & homemade beer.

The beer again. Looking content. Naturally.

Weird. I’m eating a cake here. Never in a million y…. (also in Warsaw)

The cake from Warsaw. It was crazy good.

As you can see I love marzipan. I almost single-“handedly”devoured a 0,5kg package of these marzipan fruit pieces from Messina. Not in one go, of course. I would never do something so reckless.

A rare gem in Belgium. I remember a few years ago it used to be all around the place and now it’s gone.

My first cinnamon rolls. They tasted better than they look… imagine them with the frosting on top.

OK. I’m getting light-headed just by thinking about this. This is the ultimate thing. The best thing Hungarians gave to the world: Túrórudi. My all-time favourite dessert. Cottage cheese stick with chocolate coating, with the occasional jam filling. Aah. I’m dying. It’s so good that I’ll have to make a separate post on it one day.

Additional Hungarian desserts for my nameday. I particularly loved the mushrooms.

A memento from Dublin. What else than Guinness?

Further Dublin muffin-eating.

Hungarian gingerbread for Christmas. And bad photography.

Beigli. Traditional Hungarian Christmas (and Easter) dessert. I admit they look terrible – I put too much filling into them and made the holes on the sides way too big but the taste was great. They are nothing like my Grandma’s but ok for a first try. On top we have the coconut-almond one (my own invention) and on the bottom, poppy seed with apricot marmalade filling.

Szaloncukor. “salon candy” to decorate your Christmas Tree and well, to eat it right from among the branches, then folding the paper back pretending it wasn’t you.


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