Simple Pumpkin Cake.

I’m finally back! We’ve been trying to live a little healthier for a while, which failed miserably several times, for example, in Sicily and in twice Hungary. But anyhow… I thought it was high time that I baked something scrumptious not only to please our taste buds but also because fall arrived and it’s full of delicious ingredients to use. I whipped up a pumpkin cake, another fantastic recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. I have to admit that it’s the first time that I used pumpkins in any kind of recipe, let alone for a cake. Now I know what I had been missing out on! This cake is simply heavenly. Perfect in its simplicity. I personally appreciate recipes that yield simple, tasteful and crude desserts. You see I’m not the cupcake and fondant type of baker.

torta 008 small

I’ve changed a few details about the recipe, but only to save on at least some calories. 🙂 For example, in the cake batter I only put a 3/4 cup of oil as the batter was already too moist, and for the frosting I used 2 cups of powdered sugar instead of 3. The frosting ended up being a little more liquid than intended but I did save on calories!

The thermo-setting on my oven is really off making baking a nightmare, but after a little poking around I found the right temperature.

torta 005 small

For next time I’m thinking about either something with apples or a Hungarian dessert as there are certainly not enough Hungarian desserts on this blog… 🙂


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