Coconut-Vanilla Bean Cake.

Coconuuuut! Again! Aaaah, there is simply no amount of coconut that is too much. I wish coconut oil wasn’t so unhealthy, with its saturated fats. Well, anyhow, we can indulge every now and then, can’t we?  Diego has his birthday on December 6th and he had placed his orders well in advance…something with coconut. Hm. I could certainly live with that. So I set my eyes on Michelle‘s Coconut-Vanilla Bean Cake with Coconut Meringue Buttercream Frosting. Oh my. If you check the photos of the original cake, you’ll immediately see that mine looks nothing like it…it didn’t rise properly, erm. I also can’t frost a cake, but who cares? :p I’m not for the looks anyway. The taste made up for all its aesthetic imperfections.


The cake has already been devoured but I still have some left-over frosting, which I would totally wolf down but something tells me I shouldn’t… Tomorrow’s my birthday, and as I’m the only cake baker at home, even if only half-baked, I will probably have to bake my own. Have you seen as many repetitions in a single sentence before?



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