Orange Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins.

Okay, these muffins were too good. Lately, I’ve had a serious craving for anything with lemons. In a combo with poppy seeds lemon is simply otherworldy. Ah, even now just thinking about it makes my mouth water. How did people of old invent such scrumptiousness? Seriously.

As usual, I didn’t manage to get them out before my oven burned the top. Bah, but who cares about these minor imperfections when the texture is flawless? So soft. It’s probably difficult to mess up a muffin recipe but belive me I am capable of doing so. That’s why I have to make extra attention every time. I have great baking plans for the near future; if only dessert wouldn’t make your butt grow to enormous proportions…

Anyhow, Spring is coming, time to get out of the cave…

00 jan 2016 00600 jan 2016 007


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