Jam Crostata.

Well, what can I say? These photos are horrible. It was very late when I took them and honestly didn’t have the patience to wait until I could take an at least half decent shot. The smell of the crostata was too mouth-watering. :p At some point during baking I had to cover the whole thing with aluminium foil to prevent it from burning to ashes and the foil managed to push down my flowing pie crust flowers right into the jam. Ah.

I used this recipe as inpiration but I needed a lot more flour for the pie crust than what’s indicated in the ingredients list. I can’t really recall how much more exactly as I kept adding it until the dough felt good enough. I used a mixed jam of red fruits but next time I’ll try it with fresh fruit. Only one problem with this crostata…it doesn’t last nearly long enough :p

mar2016 001 ed


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