Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake.

This week I had a thing for ricotta. All week. Actually, I have this thing all the time. Ricotta is just too good. That soft texture, that taste. My all-time favourite cake is undoubtedly the cassata siciliana, which is also based on ricotta cheese. Oh it’s to die for! However, I had something else in mind, something less sweet and then somehow this recipe emerged from the deepest recesses of Pinterest and I was spell-bound. I’m telling you…it’s fantastic!


It wasn’t easy with my oven though… At a certain (and very early) point I had to cover the cake as it was already getting burnt on the top after something like fifteen minutes. I also had to bake it on a lower temperature probably due to the fact that my oven is badly calibrated. In addition, as I didn’t have enough almond meal at hand, I used half almond meal and half all-purpose flour. Perfection. I’m really happy with the outcome. 🙂 Certainly making this again.

I’ve also just bought a new camera! So next time I post hopefully we will be able to enjoy a better image quality. =)



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