Welcome to my baking challenge!

Confession time: I have a big problem. I love cakes, cookies, chocolate and just about everything with sugar in it. I want to enjoy them in every possible way: eat them, smell them, look at them, and even talk about them! This is truly a severe case of addiction. Instead of buying such scrumptiousness, I prefer to make it myself, if I am capable of it. If I could (meaning, if I had the time and the talent) I would bake every single day. Only, my recently developed intention is to live healthy (and if possible, forever), so I can’t really put my daily baking ambitions into practice. Simply too much sugar… Therefore, to satisfy both these needs of mine at the same time, and indulge in my vices in a controlled manner, I decided to start this baking challenge.

I will to bake one thing every week. Just one. It probably won’t work. Maybe sometimes when the cravings are too strong I may get a bit more lenient. I will also always try to do something new I am not familiar with, in order to get closer to my ultimate goal: becoming an accomplished baker!

I am practically obsessed with the following:
– cottage cheese desserts
– desserts with (ground) poppy seed
– apples in desserts
– lemon and coconut
– cheesecakes

I’d like to stress once more that I don’t really possess the skills to invent new recipes, and this blog is more like cataloging my journey and learning process in the world of baking. If a recipe you see on my blog originates from somewhere else, it will be always stated.


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